Mail ai volontari per Obama: che fare ora, dopo la vittoria

Ecco un esempio di mail mandata dalla coordinatrice di un gruppo di volontari per Obama, qualche giorno dopo i risultati. Un invito a organizzare “le prossime mosse”.
From the woman who organized 200 of us Brooklynites to go to PA and Ohio Some of you know that I ended up doing the work I did on the campaign because no one else was telling me what to do. I saw stuff that needed doing, so I started doing it. And when I looked up, there were a bunch of you doing it with me. And then a bunch more. You can do that too. What do you see that needs to be done?
To get you started, here are some ideas:Make sure you know who your elected officials are. You’re likely to need to call them often in the next few months – put their numbers on speed dial. They’re the people who will help or hurt the Obama agenda. They need to know who you are and where you stand. Find out what non-profit organizations represent the issues you care about, if you don’t already know. Look at their websites for opportunities to become active on those issues in the next two months. If you’re involved, they’ll give you guidance as to how to be effective in shaping the Obama administration. Commit yourself to community service. Take Barack’s words about “brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand” to heart. Our communities don’t become strong because Barack Obama was elected president. They become strong because each of us commits to making them strong.

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